Latest news

  • Nov. 1

    One paper accepted to AAAI 2019

    On Fair Cost Sharing Games in Machine Learning,
    joint work with Ievgen Redko

  • Oct. 24

    One journal paper accepted to DAMI

    Noise-free Latent Block Model for High Dimensional Data, joint work with Vincent Brault

  • July 10

    One paper accepted to RecSys 2018

    Congrats to Sumit Sidana for the good work!

  • March 15

    Talk @NaverLabs, Grenoble

    On "The Calypso project: machine learning for online advertising and recommender systems"

  • Sept.

    I'm one of the vice-president of the SSFAM

    The French Association on Machine Learning

Short bio

I'm an Associate Professor at Telecom Saint Etienne (Université de Lyon, France). I work at Hubert Curien Laboratory in the Data Intelligence team.

From 2016 to 2018, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Machine Learning group of the Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble with Prof. Massih-Reza Amini. I was involved in the FUI project Calypso, a collaboration with Kelkoo and Purch on recommendation systems and online advertising. I obtained my Ph.D. in computer science (machine learning) from the University of Paris Descartes in 2016 under the supervision of Mohamed Nadif.

You can find more information in my CV (in french) or on my LinkedIn profile.

Research interests

My main line of research is in statistical machine learning. I am particularly interested in designing unsupervised (probabilistic) learning algorithms for high-dimensional data.

My current research focus includes:

  • unsupervised learning for high-dimensional data
  • constrained probabilistic co-clustering
  • unsupervised feature selection
  • representation learning and learning-to-rank
  • document classification and recommendation systems